Our VegeSilk is sourced from Indonesian polyester and nylon threads. The reason it appears like silk is because of a special satin weave that is used. Yes, it’s all in the weave process! VegeSilk is made together with local artisans to produce a luxurious silk finish - minus the silkworms in the process. This baby is 100% vegan.

Why we say no to silk

Silk is the fibre that silkworms weave to make the cocoons that they live in during their pupal stage. Silk workers commonly boil or gas the cocoons to unravel them, allowing workers to access the threads that the silk yarn will be spun from. During this process, worms are often boiled or gassed alive. Silk can also be made by killing the worms just before they begin spinning the cocoons and extracting their silk glands. An estimated 6,600 worms are needed to make just one kilogram of silk.