Gone Sailing Silk Satin Twilly

IDR 219.000


-- Dress up your Ginsoo Bags with a nautical and whimsical twist! Gone Sailing #SilkSatingTwilly features Ginsoo handwritten lettering in white with a nautical and whimsical twist of blue and orange. Can be worn as a twilly, hair or neck scarf. 

Our Silk Satin Twilly is sourced from Indonesian threads and made together with local artisans to produce a luxurious silk finish - minus the silkworms in the process. That's right - this baby is 100% vegan. 

Ways to wear:
1) Tie it as a ribbon in your bag's handle

2) Wrap it around the handle of your bag

3) Tie around your neck as a cute scarf accessory!

NOTICE: Always record the unboxing package to claim return if there's any defect


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